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Ramping up for Mother’s Day; Royals, Jewelry and Joy

Moms from coast to coast should be delighted on Sunday because their families are expected to spend $4.3 billion on jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day. This dollar amount represents an all-time high and is nearly 20% more than was spent on jewelry in 2014. What’s more, 34.2% of shoppers said they would splurge on jewelry this year, up from 31.7% last year.

According to the National Retail Federation’s 2015 Mother’s Day Spending Survey, total Mother’s Day expenditures are expected to exceed $21 billion. Americans will spend an average of $172.63 on their moms, a $10 increase over 2014.

The biggest spenders this Mother’s Day are expected to be 25- to 34-year-olds ($244.32), compared to 18- to 24-year-olds, who plan to spend an average of $214.81.

While jewelry certainly has the biggest “wow” factor of all Mother’s Day gifts, flowers, gift cards and apparel are all expected to be strong categories.

An amazing jeweled rattle. Image courtesy of The Natural Sapphire Company of New York.
An amazing jeweled rattle. Image courtesy of The Natural Sapphire Company of New York.

Of course, some Mother’s Day gifts are out-of-this-world. Presented to the Duchess of Cambridge by the Natural Sapphire Company of New York in celebration of the birth of Princess Charlotte this past Saturday, this $45,000 rattle is absolutely dazzling. It is encrusted with sapphires, rubies and diamonds in the shape of England’s Union Jack, and is promised to be cast in 18K Welsh White Gold – matching that of the Royal couple’s wedding bands.

The Royal Family, after the birth of Princess Charlotte
The Royal Family, after the birth of Princess Charlotte

Last year, for the birth of their son Prince George, NSCo were similarly extravagant, crafting a beautiful and breathtaking sapphire pacifier, based on the design of Kate Middleton’s (and formerly Princess Diana’s) engagement ring.

A Princess Diana-inspired 18K gold pacifier. Image courtesy of The Natural Sapphire Company of New York.
A Princess Diana-inspired 18K gold pacifier. Image courtesy of The Natural Sapphire Company of New York.

Of course, whether big or small, Mother’s Day is about showing your appreciation to all of the mothers in your life, whether it be your own or the mother of your children. “They don’t get enough thanks throughout a normal day,” says Koorosh Daneshgar, Chief Designer and CEO of Wedding Bands & Company, “so it’s important to pack everything you can into the one day meant for it. Sometimes, the gifts are disguised as being for the babies or children, but it’s clearly designed for the mother as thanks.”

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And remember: Thanks, Mom!

Style Guide: Antique Style Engagement Rings

Traditionally, an Antique-style ring describes any ring in a style that’s over 100 years old – so, the turn of the 20th century for us today. The early 1900’s saw a revolution of different design options for the traditional engagement ring, including the inclusion of what’s become known as piercing. Piercing is the practice of creating gaps and holes in the band for stylistic purposes, which itself would evolve into unique styles all its own such as split-shank.


Chief Designer Koorosh Daneshgar recently designed one such piece, a beautiful platinum band with dozens of small diamonds dotted around it. What emphasizes this ring as a vintage style, along with the piercing along the sides of the center stone, is the intricate nature of the hand engraving along the top and inside of the band.


“This piece seems like it would be difficult, but the challenge was a lot of fun actually,” says Koorosh. “It’s not often that I get to focus on the details of a ring on such a scale.” Antique style rings are typically wider than the ‘traditional’ solitaire engagement ring, as well as more lavish and luxurious. They reflect upon a time of beautiful detail when work was done entirely by hand, along with all the freedom and imperfections that comes with it, rather than by computer-aided design that most rings today are modeled with.



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A Ring Story: Jules and the Fox Ring

Once in a while, something profound influences us in such a way that we use it to further define ourselves. Such is the case with Jules S, who wanted her wedding band to reflect her unique tastes, as well as her favorite animal: a fox!

A computer-generated design of Jules' ring.
A computer-generated design of Jules’ ring.

Jules had been searching for some time for a wedding band as unique as her engagement ring, which was crowned with a rainbow moonstone rather than a diamond. Moonstones are believed to have a calming energy within them, though Jules was quite excited when she left Wedding Bands & Company!

An example moonstone.
An example moonstone.

This was due in part to her conversation with Chief Designer and CEO Koorosh Daneshgar, whom shared a fervor for creating Jules’ perfect ring. At the end of the day, Koorosh explained that Jules – who works as a graphic designer and artist – could include her own design drawings on her ring, so as to make it exactly how she wanted it to be. Below is the rough sketch from Jules, which was beautifully translated in the final piece. Called “Vulpes Rex,” it means, roughly, ‘Fox King.’

Art or Vulpes Rex, by Jules
Vulpes Rex, by Jules

They both decided on 14 karat white gold, along with a pair of glistening, blue-green labradorite stones to adorn either side of the band. Labradorite, another specific choice of Jules’, is known for enhancing concentration and filtering out negative emotions.

Ring Master and CEO Koorosh Daneshgar
Ring Master and CEO Koorosh Daneshgar

“When I work with other designers,” says Koorosh,  “I feel more obligated to do something above and beyond. I really liked the idea of the fox that she drew, but my task was to put this to a ring which was just 5mm wide, and incorporate the stones at the same time. She was looking for a particular style, feel and uniqueness, and finally the moment I handed it to her, she was almost in tears. I knew it was mission accomplished!”

In the end, Jules couldn’t believe her eyes when the finished ring slid onto her finger. “I was so excited. I knew when I came in here that I wanted to do something special, and he did it. It’s perfect!”

The finished product!
The finished product!

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