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A Ring Story: Eric and Jessica

Love spans multiple generations, as anyone can tell you. And, when Eric came into Wedding Bands & Company to design a ring with Ring Master Koorosh Daneshgar, he had something special in hand and in mind. Eric wanted to build and design a special ring that would last through the ages, though one that incorporated the past as well as the future. In order to do that, he supplied a very special diamond, courtesy of his girlfriend’s family. What was created through Eric’s love and devotion to Jessica was a truly special and unique piece, a monument to their bond together.


      It all started back in 1947, when Jessica’s grandfather (or, as the affectionate term she called him by, ‘Zaide,’) began picking out a ring for her grandmother. As a jeweler, he knew what to look for in terms of quality, and strove to give his future wife the ring she deserved; nothing but the best! It was a diamond and ring of great personal significance, one that later became an heirloom to the family. So, when the time came for Jessica to marry, her family made the decision to pass along this brilliant ring to be made anew.

      When Eric and Jessica first brought the ring in, Koorosh was stunned by the design and quality of the diamond. “It has the whitest color, perfectly cut…nearly flawless interior and clarity. It really shows the passion and drive that Jessica’s grandfather had for his profession, as well as the devotion to his wife.” Jessica wanted this passion to carry on, not only within the ring but on the diamond itself, through a small but heartfelt engraving: “Zaide 1947.”


      “When you buy a diamond or a ring,” says Koorosh, “you want the goal for it to become a cherished memory, an heirloom like this one has. You want for it to last for years, so you can pass it down to children or grandchildren and let it survive in your family as a treasure!”

      As Jessica had supplied the diamond for her ring, Eric wanted to design the mounting to be just as beautiful and important to her. Like the diamond, he wanted something that would be a lasting symbol of their relationship, and something that they could similarly pass beyond themselves into their growing family. He succeeded in this respect by choosing a platinum-based band – which, being that platinum is much stronger and more durable than gold, fulfilled his requirements precisely. Furthermore, he sought to enhance and highlight the diamond through the addition of eye-catching sapphires.


      This is where Koorosh, Wedding Bands & Co’s CEO and Chief Designer, stepped in. He had the diamond, the material and a general theme for the ring: that of a throne, something worthy of the beautiful stone set upon it.  Now, he needed to find the right inspiration for the design. To do this, he began asking the important questions to Eric: What were the important memories they shared together? Was there anywhere special that meant a lot to them? Where did they meet at?

USG Monument
The Monument of Ulysses S. Grant, located in Chicago

These questions all pointed to the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, a personal favorite of Koorosh. “There are a lot of young people in Lincoln Park, a lot of couples starting their lives together.” Films like My Big Fat Greek Wedding were filmed there, and a lot of Chicago’s romance buds from the area. Plenty of natural and man-made sights and venues hold special meaning. What Eric sought was strength, a solid foundation to build their lives upon, and the eternal, timeless devotion of their love. From all of these factors, and after a bit of personal inspection of the Park, Koorosh settled upon the masonry and architecture of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial Statue located east of the Zoo. “The statue, like their ring, is a gateway that links past to present. It is a bridge between two different times, how they can all come together to form a lasting union.” When all of these factors came together, they produced a truly breathtaking, one-of-a-kind piece.


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A “Review” Story: Sean’s Ring – Editorial

Here at Wedding Bands & Company, we strive to make our client’s experiences the best we possibly can. Our goal is not to sell jewelry, but rather to create an eternal symbol of love that binds a couple together for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, our clients are so appreciative that they leave us a review on various social media, such as Yelp or Facebook. One such review, left on our Google Plus page, really touched us, and we wanted to acknowledge it as well as spread it around:

Let me start off by saying I am a cheap bastard! I am what some call VERY frugal. I don’t like spending a lot of money on things I don’t quite understand. Jewelry falls into one of the many categories of things I don’t understand the value of. By the time I found Wedding Bands & Co I had already been to a good number of Jewelers and I was jaded by the way I was treated by most of the Jewelers I had visited. None of them were rude but I did not feel like I was being treated fairly, I felt like I was getting upsold everywhere I went. I really did not feel like I was getting a good or fair deal. I also did not feel like I was seeing anything original. All of the chain stores had very similar rings nothing looked special or unique to me.

That all changed when I went to Wedding Bands & Co. By pure luck when I visited the shop I had the very good fortune of dealing with the owner and chief designer Koorosh. He took the time (a lot of time) to sit down with me and find out what I was looking for, and more importantly he asked me what my fiancé liked in other peoples rings that she had seen. I am a novice at buying good jewelry; and as previously stated “a cheap bastard”. Koorosh educated me on what to look for and showed me great variety of settings and center stones until we found the perfect combo. I never once felt like I was being sold on anything. I felt like an old friend was helping me find the perfect ring for my fiancé. Koorosh actually got me to spend 35% more than my budget! He did this and I actually thanked him and walked out of there feeling great. This is a close to a miracle as I have ever witnessed.

Now six months after getting the engagement ring I had to go back and get her the matching wedding ring. Once again as a “cheap bastard” I had a ton of heartburn and hesitation over spending a ton of money on her wedding band. I called to make an appointment with Koorosh to see what our options were. This time Koorosh was busy so we wound up meeting with Terry instead. I was very nervous that things would not go as well with a new person. Someone who does not understand my “cheap” issue. Terry quickly put my mind as ease. He worked with me and my fiancé to have a custom made ring to match. The attention to detail that the shop has is truly amazing. Terry has had me bring the engagement ring back in twice so far just to make sure that the wedding band will match perfectly. I am supposed to pick up the wedding band in a few weeks and I am really looking forward to it. I cannot put into words how happy this ring made my better half. She truly loves it and for good reason. It’s stunning!

The ring is truly amazing. My fiancé literally gets complements almost daily on her ring. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone looking for wedding bands to go Wedding Bands & Co.

Now give Koorosh a call – get your perfect ring!

Signed: One cheap bastard; and one very happy customer. – Sean


Clients like Sean reaffirm our business and make us excited to help more clients like him – and you! We’re always grateful for every client that we can help, and every dream we can make come true.

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Building a Better Relationship

Congratulations! You are headed toward a thrilling new chapter in your life—marriage. You have found your other half and are making a deep loving commitment to them.

You also have been to Wedding Bands & Co. to find the perfect symbol of your love. Whether that was an engagement ring or your wedding bands, these symbols of your bond are some of the things you will cherish forever.

Romance and Happiness are the keys to eternal love.
Romance and Happiness are the keys to eternal love.

We at Wedding Bands & Co. care that your relationship remains as eternal as the rings you chose to symbolize it. This email series, we hope, will offer you some ways to keep the romance alive and only serve to help you enjoy your relationship all the more.


It’s always the little things that make the most difference. This aligns closely with why customizing is so special at Wedding Bands & Co., the details on your ring is your story personified. You’re probably wondering how this relates to your relationship?

When you and your loved one interact pay attention to small things, just as you put care into the thoughts while designing your ring at Wedding Bands & Co.   What is their favorite candy? Do they have a preferred bag they carry to work? Simple ways to show love can be going out of your way to make the little details of their day much better. Hide notes in their things, send multiple texts a day when you know they will be checking, or keep a “hug” counter that you jokingly remind your loved one to pay up.

Sometimes, little surprises make the biggest impact.
Sometimes, little surprises make the biggest impact.

Keeping the romance alive does not have to big and flashy, just thoughtful and sincere. You are the expert on your loved one, and you will have them smiling all the time with these simple things.