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From the desk of Koorosh: Surprises and Engagements

Chief Designer and CEO of Wedding Bands & Co. Koorosh Daneshgar speaks of an experience he recently had during a family outing, and how important it is to make a strong impression with your proposal:

“This past weekend, my family and I visited the Chicago Conservatory in Garfield Park. If you’ve never been before, the Conservatory is a large greenhouse, filled  and surrounded with thousands of beautiful and exotic plants from all around the world. It’s truly a breathtaking experience, and I highly encourage you to visit sometime. It was very relaxing to walk around with nature, observing and becoming inspired by it. 

Chief Designer Koorosh Daneshgar poses at the Conservatory
Chief Designer Koorosh Daneshgar poses at the Conservatory

What was interesting, however, was what I found inside one of the greenhouse rooms proper. After following the spiraling path through the building, one comes upon a small waterfall-turned-wishing well. It was filled with coins, of course, but what really got to me was the fact that the coins were arranged, rather than randomly tossed. I’ll let this video I took speak for itself.”


“It’s simple, but unforgettable. Engagements can be big and flashy or small and private, and anywhere in between – but the important thing is that they are memorable. You only get one chance, after all! To me, the proposal is just as important as the ring you’re trying to wow your partner with. You need to be creative like this person, you need to have the kind of touch that makes that moment truly your own. It needs to be something that you’ll look back at for years to come. After all, the ring can always be changed or upgraded later – but you only get one chance for your partner to say ‘Yes!'”


Style Guide: Antique Style Engagement Rings

Traditionally, an Antique-style ring describes any ring in a style that’s over 100 years old – so, the turn of the 20th century for us today. The early 1900’s saw a revolution of different design options for the traditional engagement ring, including the inclusion of what’s become known as piercing. Piercing is the practice of creating gaps and holes in the band for stylistic purposes, which itself would evolve into unique styles all its own such as split-shank.


Chief Designer Koorosh Daneshgar recently designed one such piece, a beautiful platinum band with dozens of small diamonds dotted around it. What emphasizes this ring as a vintage style, along with the piercing along the sides of the center stone, is the intricate nature of the hand engraving along the top and inside of the band.


“This piece seems like it would be difficult, but the challenge was a lot of fun actually,” says Koorosh. “It’s not often that I get to focus on the details of a ring on such a scale.” Antique style rings are typically wider than the ‘traditional’ solitaire engagement ring, as well as more lavish and luxurious. They reflect upon a time of beautiful detail when work was done entirely by hand, along with all the freedom and imperfections that comes with it, rather than by computer-aided design that most rings today are modeled with.



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Building a Better Relationship

Congratulations! You are headed toward a thrilling new chapter in your life—marriage. You have found your other half and are making a deep loving commitment to them.

You also have been to Wedding Bands & Co. to find the perfect symbol of your love. Whether that was an engagement ring or your wedding bands, these symbols of your bond are some of the things you will cherish forever.

Romance and Happiness are the keys to eternal love.
Romance and Happiness are the keys to eternal love.

We at Wedding Bands & Co. care that your relationship remains as eternal as the rings you chose to symbolize it. This email series, we hope, will offer you some ways to keep the romance alive and only serve to help you enjoy your relationship all the more.


It’s always the little things that make the most difference. This aligns closely with why customizing is so special at Wedding Bands & Co., the details on your ring is your story personified. You’re probably wondering how this relates to your relationship?

When you and your loved one interact pay attention to small things, just as you put care into the thoughts while designing your ring at Wedding Bands & Co.   What is their favorite candy? Do they have a preferred bag they carry to work? Simple ways to show love can be going out of your way to make the little details of their day much better. Hide notes in their things, send multiple texts a day when you know they will be checking, or keep a “hug” counter that you jokingly remind your loved one to pay up.

Sometimes, little surprises make the biggest impact.
Sometimes, little surprises make the biggest impact.

Keeping the romance alive does not have to big and flashy, just thoughtful and sincere. You are the expert on your loved one, and you will have them smiling all the time with these simple things.