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Celebrity Ring Selections

At some point, we’ve all heard the tale of celebrity engagements, and these stories tend to focus a lot on the ring! It’s nothing new that the rich and famous go all out on their engagements, but allow us to take you on a more in-depth look at some stylish celeb bling before giving our review of them. Julie Kosin of Harpers Bazaar already did an amazing, illustrated guide – which you can read here – but we’re going to go a little more in-depth on a few of the rings that caught our eye just as much as yours.

1. Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Heirloom

Image courtesy of Raymond Lee Jewelers

There’s almost as much history as there is beauty in this ring. Rated in at 18cts, this huge sapphire is surrounded by 14 smaller diamonds in a floral pattern. The perfect blue of the sapphire really draws the eye, and the surrounding diamonds actually make the center stone appear bigger. What’s more, this ring originally belongs to Princess Diana – Prince William’s mother – and has since been passed down to him to present to Kate.

Chief Designer Koorosh Daneshgar gives his personal thoughts about this unique heirloom: Koorosh Daneshgar“I always love the classics! Sapphire with a halo-diamond setting is one of the most classic looks when it comes to engagement rings. I love the contrast between the blue sapphire and the white halo.”


2. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Engagement Ring

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Angelina never fails to please with this stunning ring. She’s been pretty tight-lipped on the exact specifications of the ring, but it’s estimated to have cost almost $250,000 to make. Brad spent over a year helping design the ring, of which we at least know that all of the stones were of the highest color and quality – that would rate at a D in color, at the very least (on the typical scale, D is the highest ranking, as A-C are near-impossible to find!) and an IF (Internally Flawless) clarity.

Mory TafreshiMory Tafreshi, Store Manager and expert gemologist, tells a bit more about the ring with his seasoned eye: “Baguette side stones typically flank the center stone, but we usually don’t see so many! They work well to keep the shape of the ring uniform, as opposed to round cut diamonds.”


3. Marilyn Monroe’s Eternity Band

Picture courtesy of the LA Times
Picture courtesy of the LA Times

Picture courtesy of LA Times

Marilyn Monroe and Yankee’s Centerfielder Joe DiMaggio tied the knot with a gorgeous, platinum-set eternity band, fitted with 35 baguette-cut stones! For those unfamiliar with the lingo, an eternity band is a style of ring that has diamonds set along the entire outside of the ring, rather than in the center. This ring is the stuff of legend, a beautiful band for a beautiful woman. In fact, it once went on auction for over $700,000!

Terrance Hanley, expert gemologist and consultant with Wedding Bands & Company, tells us a bit about the ring: “Stunning. Classic. Retro-Style. These styles of rings are meant to represent the endless love in a relationship – the irony of which in this particular relationship wasn’t lost on me! Still, the outstanding elegance of this piece can never be lost.”


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