A Ring Story: Jules and the Fox Ring

Once in a while, something profound influences us in such a way that we use it to further define ourselves. Such is the case with Jules S, who wanted her wedding band to reflect her unique tastes, as well as her favorite animal: a fox!

A computer-generated design of Jules' ring.
A computer-generated design of Jules’ ring.

Jules had been searching for some time for a wedding band as unique as her engagement ring, which was crowned with a rainbow moonstone rather than a diamond. Moonstones are believed to have a calming energy within them, though Jules was quite excited when she left Wedding Bands & Company!

An example moonstone.
An example moonstone.

This was due in part to her conversation with Chief Designer and CEO Koorosh Daneshgar, whom shared a fervor for creating Jules’ perfect ring. At the end of the day, Koorosh explained that Jules – who works as a graphic designer and artist – could include her own design drawings on her ring, so as to make it exactly how she wanted it to be. Below is the rough sketch from Jules, which was beautifully translated in the final piece. Called “Vulpes Rex,” it means, roughly, ‘Fox King.’

Art or Vulpes Rex, by Jules
Vulpes Rex, by Jules

They both decided on 14 karat white gold, along with a pair of glistening, blue-green labradorite stones to adorn either side of the band. Labradorite, another specific choice of Jules’, is known for enhancing concentration and filtering out negative emotions.

Ring Master and CEO Koorosh Daneshgar
Ring Master and CEO Koorosh Daneshgar

“When I work with other designers,” says Koorosh,  “I feel more obligated to do something above and beyond. I really liked the idea of the fox that she drew, but my task was to put this to a ring which was just 5mm wide, and incorporate the stones at the same time. She was looking for a particular style, feel and uniqueness, and finally the moment I handed it to her, she was almost in tears. I knew it was mission accomplished!”

In the end, Jules couldn’t believe her eyes when the finished ring slid onto her finger. “I was so excited. I knew when I came in here that I wanted to do something special, and he did it. It’s perfect!”

The finished product!
The finished product!

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