A Ring Story: Arthur and Marina

Sometimes, love just won’t wait. This was the case with Arthur, who was visiting Chicago with his girlfriend and soon-to-be-fiancée Marina all the way from Brazil! Arthur always had feelings for her, and knew that the time would soon come to join their lives together, but didn’t initially plan proposal. However, once they began seeing the sights and enjoying their vacation, Arthur knew that now was the time – there was no more waiting!

Splitting off from her for a few hours, Arthur peeled into Wedding Bands & Company trying to find the perfect ring to match the sudden clarity and emotion he was feeling then. Chief Designer Koorosh Daneshgar worked with Arthur for only a few minutes before they were able to agree upon the stunning Bridge Ring design, one specifically crafted to symbolize how people can be brought together for a lasting relationship.

Now that the ring was crafted, Arthur had another hurdle to overcome: he was just a tourist, and didn’t know where best to propose to Marina! Thankfully, Koorosh was prepared to help in this respect, as well. With the help of Nikki Delatolas, Wedding Bands & Co’s Head of Client Services and Koorosh’s personal assistant, they recommended several iconic, romantic locations for Arthur to propose. Eventually, he settled on Navy Pier’s signature Ferris wheel, and the results speak for themselves!

A lovely compilation of proposal photos. Congratulations you two!
A lovely compilation of proposal photos. Congratulations you two!

We at Wedding Bands & Company are always thrilled when we can help love blossom, especially with such immediate results! Congratulations, Arthur and Marina – we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

If you’re interested in seeing the bridge ring that Arthur proposed with, be sure to check out this video on the symbolism of the ring itself, as well as how it was made.

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