Building a Better Relationship

Congratulations! You are headed toward a thrilling new chapter in your life—marriage. You have found your other half and are making a deep loving commitment to them.

You also have been to Wedding Bands & Co. to find the perfect symbol of your love. Whether that was an engagement ring or your wedding bands, these symbols of your bond are some of the things you will cherish forever.

Romance and Happiness are the keys to eternal love.
Romance and Happiness are the keys to eternal love.

We at Wedding Bands & Co. care that your relationship remains as eternal as the rings you chose to symbolize it. This email series, we hope, will offer you some ways to keep the romance alive and only serve to help you enjoy your relationship all the more.


It’s always the little things that make the most difference. This aligns closely with why customizing is so special at Wedding Bands & Co., the details on your ring is your story personified. You’re probably wondering how this relates to your relationship?

When you and your loved one interact pay attention to small things, just as you put care into the thoughts while designing your ring at Wedding Bands & Co.   What is their favorite candy? Do they have a preferred bag they carry to work? Simple ways to show love can be going out of your way to make the little details of their day much better. Hide notes in their things, send multiple texts a day when you know they will be checking, or keep a “hug” counter that you jokingly remind your loved one to pay up.

Sometimes, little surprises make the biggest impact.
Sometimes, little surprises make the biggest impact.

Keeping the romance alive does not have to big and flashy, just thoughtful and sincere. You are the expert on your loved one, and you will have them smiling all the time with these simple things.

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